Adidas Evil Eye Evo Vario outdoor sunglasses review

Adidas Evil Eye Vario Outdoor Sunglasses

The Adidas Evil Eye Evo Outdoor Sunglasses aren’t particularly new, but the real innovation we’re looking at here is the sunglass lens Adidas has retrofitted to much of it’s range. Called the Vario lens, it seeks to pull off a handy trick, by changing lens tint according to the lighting conditions. Of course, there are other players in this space too – like most of the lenses makers on the planet – but it’s an interesting idea, and one guaranteed to shift more units of this, the Adidas Evil Eye Evo Vario.

Adidas Evil Eye Vario Outdoor Sunglasses

So do they work? In a word, yes, they do, and rather well too. The anitifog-coated Varios change from completely clear (handy for cycling in the rain, running in high winds or walking in horizontal sleet), through to cat 3 sun protection within 20 seconds. For the visibility geeks among you, that’s a transmission range from 0 to 92%.

Adidas Evil Eye Vario Outdoor Sunglasses

Bolted into the tried and tested Adidas Evil Eye Evo frames, the result is pretty compelling – put on, set off, forget. Adidas has targeted these particular frames and Varios at downhill bikers, but they’re pretty useful for most outdoors activities that need clear vision, which let’s face it most do.

Climbing Tip: Gear review in brief

The Adidas Evil Eye Evo Vario Outdoor Sunglasses are excellent reactive outdoor sunnies rated up to cat 3. Buy.

We tested them on a series of relatively short (10k) off-road runs in UK spring, and they performed pretty faultlessly, the Evil Eye Evo frames providing their expected comfort, arm adjustability and lack of fogginess along with a fantastic field of view, while the lenses changed tint imperceptibly as the sun came and went.

Adidas Evil Eye Vario Outdoor Sunglasses

The only shame from a climbing perspective is that the Varios don’t cover off cat 4 as well, which is required for mountaineers in alpine environments. It’s easy to see that in a few generations that will be achievable, and a modular frame like Adidas’ existing Elevation would give you a single package that’d do everything, from normal sunnies for hammering along the peyage through to goggles for high-altitude glacier travel and back to normal shades for the bar terrace afterwards.

Till then, these are a brilliant start for less extreme training, like anything outdoors in the UK springtime. The eye-catching fluro highlights to the Evil Eye Evo will also be useful in lower-light moments, like run or cycle commuting for example, making these almost the ultimate4 all-rounder sunnies.

The Adidas Evil Eye Evo and Evil Eye Halfrim with Vario lenses are available in three different colour combinations, including black matt/glow and crystal matt/glow, available from February 2016.