Best socks for walking, running and climbing

Best socks for walking

Hunting down the best socks for walking, running or climbing is a pretty tough job – it’s a wide field indeed. However, after choosing shoes or boots that fit you well it’s one of the most important decisions you can make, and also one of the cheapest ways to improve your day there is!

We’ve split the field down into these top top picks by area – read on for the best socks for walking, running or climbing on the planet!

Best socks for hiking

Best walking/hiking socks: Bridgedale Trekker with CuPED Technology.

For mid-distance hiking, especially in summer, it’s nice to have a lighter sock to keep things a little cooler, and the Bridgedale Trekker is a tried and tested favourite. However, Bridgedale has recently updated their range with an interesting twist – CuPED Technology. The grand moniker actually signifies that the Enduro Wool and technical fibre-mix have been impregnated with copper ions to create a life-long anti-microbial ‘net’ around the foot. The British made WoolFusion material also provides balanced insulation, fast wicking moisture control and durability, according to Bridgedale.

Available now for £15.99 

Best socks for hiking

Best Running Socks: Xbionic X sky run socks

Xbionic have a range of super-high tech running equipment, and their socks are no exception. You might be training wearing some old school tennis socks, or some towelling numbers left over from school. That’s a bit of an error, better socks equal happier feet, and happier feet mean fewer blisters. According to the company, the ribbed sides allow fresh air to be pumped around the foot as you run, while toe and heel protectors give additional anti-blister support. There’s plenty more tech in Xbionics socks, but the topline is simple – we’ve always had fewer blisters on longer (10k plus) runs than with any other sock, but the same trainers. They really do work, and are worth the small investment.

Available now for £18.99 from Sockshop


Best Climbing socks: Smartwool Mountaineering Socks

When you need the most robust performance, then these Smartwool monsters will deliver. They’re pretty old school in terms of design, but they perform brilliantly and last very well indeed. You’ll need to try hard to get a blister through what feels like a mile of fluffy merino wool, and even weeks of trekking in the Himalayas couldn’t deter them (though they may possibly have ponged a bit towards the end). Made of an ingenious blend of 4% Merino Wool, 25% Nylon, 1% Elastane, these are socks you want on your side – and in your boots – whether you’re bothy-hunting in the highlands, striding on the south downs or bivvying on the Valee Blanche.

Available now for £23 

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