Brooks running clothes review: Autumn 2016

brooks running clothes review

As Autumn begins to draw in, it’s time to change up some of the running gear a little, and Brooks running new range has some items worth knowing about.

Yes, we know it’s not technically climbing, but <trying to> maintain a reasonable level of cardio fitness is pretty important, and targeted training can make a huge difference. Brooks have a lovely summer/autumn range here, but a few specific items really caught our eye for this quick Brooks running clothes review:

Brooks running clothes: Drift shell jacket

The very-visible Brooks Drift shell jacket is particularly handy for the dank days of Autumn, being somewhat fluro-coloured, and promising lightweight protection from the elements. It’s very windproof, but the slightly rubberised fabric isn’t entirely waterproof. It does keep the worst off for a while though, even in serious downpours. The soft-fit cuffs are lovely in everything but apocalyptic monsoon rain, at which point they get a bit soggy and cold. We particularly liked the internal pocket hidden inside the left hand chest pocket, which is big enough to hold a smartphone, and has a tiny eyelet to allow wired headphones to be connected from inside the jacket. Overall, it’s warm enough to fend off early winter’s bite, super-visible (as you can see from the flash image below) and well designed – one to take a look at.

Buy it from Brooks UK here

brooks running clothes review

Brooks Glycerin 14 running shoes

Brooks has also put out new Glycerin trainers, which are aimed at low to midrange runners with heavy feet, so aren’t super aggressive drop (10 mm) and super-cushioned to boot. For pounding London’s pavements they’re pretty ideal, we’ve been finding, especially putting in the miles testing the Suunto Spartan Ultra, which is soaking up the punishment too.

Buy them from Brooks UK here

brooks running clothes review

Brooks running clothes: Brooks Sherpa Shorts

These may look like standard shorts 007, but do pay attention – they’ve got inbuilt boxers, thus solving that age-old problem of forgetting a change of undercrackers for post-workout, and as well as the usual tiny zip pocket at the back also have handy elasticated hip pockets for gels or similar snackage, and a hidden pocket on the right thigh too. A final touch is the drawstring, which is reversed to save tieing time. We found the internal short construction particularly useful when running in showery weather, as the wet outer material billows up in use, lowering chafing risk and drying them out super-fast. Simple but effective – overall they’re an essential addition to the office running kit.

Buy them from Brooks UK here

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