Elliot Brown Bloxworth Watch Review

Elliot Brown Bloxworth Watch Review

On one level, writing an Elliot Brown Bloxworth review is an impossible task. A British brand with excellent credentials, the company’s credo is ‘Built to go the distance’, so doing anything less than circumnavigating the globe (see video below), seems like a bit of a cop out.

Sadly, we didn’t have an Antarctic expedition planned, so had to settle for a few camping trips and general wear to test the Bloxworth. Unsurprisingly, it told the time perfectly, and in spite of several immersion tests, continues to do so.

Unwrapping the delivery package from Elliot Brown signals you’re in for a treat immediately – a branded, purpose built cardboard outer package opens to reveal a cloth-covered presentation case inner. Inside you’ll even find a small screwdriver to adjust and tighten the strap. In short, it’s very much a luxury experience, and particularly impressive at this relatively modest price point.

Elliot Brown is not modest on testing though, particularly on the waterproofness front, testing every watch in water at 200m of pressure – or underwater to 19 ATM for those of a diving persuasion. One model was even left at the bottom of Poole Harbour for six months of UK winter, and survived to tell the tale. One of the reasons for this extreme water resistance is the triple-sealed knurled 6.5mm crown and push buttons, which prevent casual water ingress – and even more active water ingress too.

Elliot Brown Bloxworth Watch Review

Hyperbole aside, the Bloxworth is a robust looking diver-style watch, with a neatly-made ratcheting bezel (to show your dive time in minutes of course) which on a less meaty watch can look a bit daft, but here is actually in keeping, and probably would do the job, assuming you were scuba diving without a computer in the first place. The sandblasted PVD-coated case is pleasingly matt, and the speedmaster-style chronograph looks the part, as well as times accurately. Anything from boiling an egg to speedclimbing the Matterhorn is possible with the Bloxworth.

From a climber’s point of view it’s tough enough to get chucked around and scratched up without suddenly falling apart and leaving you wondering when that last telepherique is departing. A Swiss Made 13-jewel 12-hour Ronda 5030.D chronograph movement with date at 4 o’clock and 5-year battery-life should prove up to the task.

Elliot Brown Bloxworth Watch Review

The Bloxworth has various tricks up it’s rugged little sleeves, including a new ‘rubber’ strap. Which of course isn’t rubber or silicone, but hypo-allergenic EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer in case you were wondering). The strap is reinforced at the bar points – where the wear happens – and the buckle is beautifully machined and embossed. As usual, the normal ‘ribbing’ on the inside of the strap has been replaced with a bespoke rendering of contour lines from the Isle of Purbeck, moulded into the strap. The strap bars are all screws, rather than pins, which again contributes to serious toughness as they can be tightened up if they wear loose.

Overall, the Bloxworth is impressively built, and has to be one of the best value timepieces for everyday wear out there – whether you’re climbing in Patagonia or paddleboarding in Dorset, this will see you right – and on time…

The Bloxworth is available now in several styles from £495 at Elliot Brown


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