Hydro Flask vacuum bottle review

Hydro Flask

Keep drinks hot, or indeed cold for hours and hours without faff or complication with the nifty Hydro Flask.

We’ve all got a selection of vacuum flasks littering a cupboard somewhere, one that will taste forever of tomato soup, one with a slightly manky seal you’d rather not use again, you know the drill. However, banish those elderly vessels to the charity shop forever, because US brand Hydro Flask has solved the whole hot drink shenanigan in one, and it’s not even taxing on the wallet.

On the face of it, the Hydro flask (we tested the 21oz, or 651ml for us Euro types) is stupidly simple. It’s a steel, wide neck flask with a basic lid – broadly similar to a Sigg bottle, just a little bulkier. The exterior has a slightly rough finish to aid grip, and it comes in a range of pretty colours if that’s a key requirement.

It’s when you’ve duly filled it with tea or whatever hot tipple you fancy that the impressive bit starts – in spite of it’s light weight (318 grams according to our scales, compared with 178 grams for a standard 1L Nalgene) it really did deliver. On one test in Scottish winter conditions we had tea still too hot to gulp 7 hours after filling the flask, which is pretty darn good. Overall, the Hydro flask has gone from a highly skeptical ‘oh another water bottle thingy’ to an essential for winter outings. No doubt the same will be true in the summer doing the reverse trick, and as the thing is entirely stainless steel it looks like it might stand the test of time too.

There’s even a Nalgene-style wider neck version for really clumsy pourers, or people needing to transport curry, or exceedingly lumpy soup in flasks.

The Hydro Flask is available now, from lots of lovely retailers and Amazon (£27)