Primus Micron Trail Stove Review

Primus micron trail stove review

Primus make a good few stoves, and have strong pedigree on this front – so what’s this new lightweight gas effort all about? Read on for our Primus Micron Trail Stove Review…

Whether you’re a gas or petrol head by nature, at some point the ease and effectiveness of a gas stove will tempt you – for fast and light bivvys, tea at the crag and general camping there’s a lot to be said for gas stoves. Unfortunately there are quite a few on the market, so what has Primus done to stand out, you might ask?
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The big news with the new Micron Trail is the regulator system, which is aimed at solving one of the big bugbears of gas stoves – namely that as the pressure in the canister drops, so does the heat output. This is a good idea indeed, and although it adds a whisker of weight (stove total 94g), the topline is that it does seem to work. Obviously it’s impossible to recreate the exact test situation, but we did some tests to get an idea of how things shape up.

Primus micron trail stove review

Using an Alpkit 650ml titanium pot full of cold water as above (we refilled and cooled the pot again between each test), we timed how long it took to get to a rolling boil.

The Primus managed these times:

Full gas cartridge: 2.49
Low gas cartridge: 4.03

Pretty much bang on the predicted times, Primus claims the Micron Trail will hit 2.30 mins per litre in their Primus PrimeTech heat exchanger pot, 3.30 mins in a standard pan.

Next up we tried the same test with a random lightweight titanium stove of similar size (much lighter however)
Full gas cartridge: 3.15
Low gas cartridge: 6.28

Frankly, pretty impressive results from the Primus, and worth mentioning that the sound of the titanium stove on the low gas cartridge had ‘no hot tea for you matey’ written all over it, while the Primus carried on regardless – exactly what the regulator is intended to do. As Primus points out, the regulator does make the gas tap operate slightly differently to normal, with quite a lot of ‘play’ in the system when you turn it on initially. It almost feels broken as you turn and turn and turn, but keeping a sharp ear out for the sound of gas means you don’t get taken by surprise.
Primus micron trail stove review

The Piezo igniter is robustly built, and should stand up to inevitable abuse…

Primus micron trail stove review

The stove folds down nicely for transport, and comes with a comfortably large bag to stash it in.

Overall, it’s hard not to like the build quality of the Micron Trail, and the regulator really does seem to deliver on its promise. As an upgrade to your existing gas stove it’s worth considering, and for alpine adventures where you’re squeezing the last out of each gas canister it could be genius.

The Primus Micron Trail Stove is available now, here on for £59.95.

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